Our house has old locks that we don’t have keys to. We have been locked out before because of this. We would like to save the old hardware. Can you make keys to them?

It is possible to make keys to the old mortise type locks, but it is costly. There is also replacement hardware available, but they usually require more work to get them to fit the door, than is worth the effort. Most doors with old mortise type hardware already have a deadbolt installed above them. We […]

I heard you can make a copy with tin foil, gelatin, and putty?

It is possible to do all of these things, but just like bumping it is not much to worry about. In order for all of these methods to work, there is other extremely uncommon and difficult to produce materials needed. Some of these techniques require an existing working copy in the first place, so unless […]

What are bump keys?

Bump keys are an alternate form of manipulating a cylinder open than traditional picks. They are only legal for locksmiths and security professionals to posses. There is a misconception that possessing one bump key will give its holder easy access through almost any lock. Nothing could be further from the truth. Using a bump key […]

My key says Do Not Duplicate. Can I still get a copy made?

There is no law that says standard Do Not Duplicate blanks are illegal to copy. Most places that cut blanks will simply refuse to copy them, whether it is because they don’t want to do anything wrong, or because they think they don’t have the correct blank in stock. Typically locksmiths will try to determine […]

What is high security hardware?

Manufactures of high security hardware like, Schlage Primus, Medico and Assa, add more internal parts to make them more difficult to pick or “bump”. Most of the time they will add a “side bar” in addition to more pins. These are next to impossible to defeat using traditional methods. Some manufactures also go a step […]

What is a master system? What are the benefits? Is it more secure?

Master systems are a way to pin cylinders, that allows for multiple levels of users. It gives the holders of top level blanks access to everything, but restricts lower level holders only to what they need access to. For instance, the owner of multiple business locations can hold one blank to all of the doors […]