What are bump keys?

Bump keys are an alternate form of manipulating a cylinder open than traditional picks. They are only legal for locksmiths and security professionals to posses. There is a misconception that possessing one bump key will give its holder easy access through almost any lock. Nothing could be further from the truth. Using a bump key is a skill that is acquired and that takes time and practice… just like picking a lock. Hardware manufactures have been putting parts into some of their products for years that makes bumping next to impossible. Also, due to different cylinder profiles, it is physically impossible for one bump key to fit all cylinders. Lots of homeowners have become worried in recent years about the bumping “epidemic”. In our opinion, it is not much to worry about. Bumping is quite noisy because of the way you have to hit the blank. Purchasing high security hardware is nice for peace of mind, but largely unnecessary. Making sure your doors and windows shut, latch and deadlock properly is far more critical than worrying about someone bumping their way in. If a criminal wants in bad enough, a door knob of any kind will not hold them back.

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