What is high security hardware?

Manufactures of high security hardware like, Schlage Primus, Medico and Assa, add more internal parts to make them more difficult to pick or “bump”. Most of the time they will add a “side bar” in addition to more pins. These are next to impossible to defeat using traditional methods. Some manufactures also go a step further to protect against destructive entry techniques as well, by adding hardened pins in front of drill points. Another benefit of high security hardware is that usually the blanks themselves are protected against copying. A person can issue a copy to a complete stranger and still rest assured that the new holder literally cannot get a duplicate cut anywhere. Only the owner of the hardware can get duplicates or authorize someone to make other people to make copies. Although the cost is somewhat higher than standard hardware, coupling high security hardware with a master system is the usually the best way to go for larger business, businesses with high turnover rates, or where copies are only temporarily issued.

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