My key broke off inside the cylinder! What should I do?

The best advise is quite simply… don’t touch it! Call a locksmith to extract the broken portion! Shoving instruments down inside to recover a broken fragment is almost never a good idea and will likely damage the cylinder. A locksmith will have the proper tools to extract the piece without causing harm. If by chance […]

My remote doesn’t work any more. Do you sell them?

Yes we do sell remotes, but often times you don’t need to replace the remote. Most remotes have a slot so that you can use a penny or dime to open them and replace the battery. A 3 volt battery that puts out 0.1 volt less than it should, is usually bad. Batteries can be […]

What is a sidewinder key?

Sidewinders are called so because of the way they are cut. The sides are milled out using a router like machine. These are considered “high security”, and typically sidewinder cylinders themselves contain 4 times as many small parts inside them as a regular cylinders.

What is a chip key and why do they cost so much?

More correctly, the “chip” is actually a transponder. Early versions had a small resistor in the blade and were called “VATS” by General Motors. VATS stands for “vehicle anti theft system”. The cars computer had to recognize the value of the resistor when the ignition was turned, in order for the car to run. If […]