Why do I need to provide proof of ownership if I lost the keys to my car?

It is not uncommon for locksmiths to get calls from would be thieves trying to get us to help them commit their crime. They usually have a long winded story about how they acquired the vehicle recently and they have some sketchy unofficial paperwork to support their claim. It is up to us to sort this though and protect YOU from getting your car stolen! We are locksmiths, not law enforcement, and have no connection to the Motor Vehicles Division to run your ID or registration. Although as fellow citizens we do care if your insurance is current for our own sake… but that’s not why we are asking. We just want to rest assured that you really do have a legitimate interest in the vehicle. The same goes for lockouts and key makes of any kind. Whether it is your home, office, filing cabinet, or mailbox… we don’t intend to badger you. We are just trying to do the right thing. After all, locksmiths deal directly with your security. If people don’t trust us, they will not do business with us.

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