Do you offer discounts?

We offer a variety of discounts. Please call us to inquire about any discounts or promotions that we currently running.

What is the warranty for your locksmith service?

We warranty our services for 90 days with some exceptions. There are a few kinds of labor that we perform that come with no warranty at all, however the locksmith will advise you of this before doing any work. The three most common being the re-coding of Schlage SecureKey, and Kwikset SmartKey hardware, along with […]

Where can I buy a set of locksmith tools to get back into my home / car?

Quite simply, unless you are a locksmith, tow truck driver, mechanic or security professional, you will probably not be able to get your hands on them. Most states and local governments have laws that control who is allowed to have possession of  lockout tools. There is usually a stiff penalty if you get caught possessing […]

Why do you charge a service charge for your locksmith service?

All mobile business’s charge one form of a fee or another for providing service at your location. This fee is to cover the cost of fuel, maintenance, insurance and employee labor time. If it weren’t for this charge, mobile business’s would not generate enough income to justify their overhead and they would not be able […]